The master plan vision for the site seeks to find a balanced approach between development and retaining the existing woodland characteristics of the site. In conjunction, we aim to ensure St. Joseph’s house (a protected structure) is a key focal point within the new development by re-establishing its setting through private formal gardens and a large forecourt area which will define its curtilage.

New resident’s courtyards and green open spaces are introduced between new apartment buildings to further enhance its landscape and amenity value. It is planned to have a ‘Tree walk’ and jogging route along the perimeter of the site set amongst the mature trees while the new buildings are set back from the boundary to respect this ‘Green’ edge. The development will also further enhance pedestrian movement by creating pedestrian linkages between the resident’s courtyard spaces and the more formal forecourt in front of St. Joseph’s house. Gateway connections allow access to the large public park and playing field to the North. As such, the master layout plan is derived through the series of planned external spaces ensuring spacious open areas and connectivity. Early reserach and Historical mapping indicates the strong presence of an avenue approach from the Leopardstown Road with St. Joseph’s house as the focal point at the end which is nestled within the sylvan wooded nature of the site. Our approach to the site planning reinforces this connection and visual link and as such the proposed new buildings and approach frame a view to the historical St. Joseph’s house in the background.

St. Joseph’s house, which is proposed to be converted into residential units is given suitable importance within the overall hierarchy of buildings. Its formal setting is re-established through the reconstruction of a large formal forecourt and its curtilage is protected through the retention of existing mature pine trees and landscape features including the introduction of private formal gardens around the house. The existing house will also contain a resident's clubhouse space and Creche facility.

The principle apartment blocks are setback from the Leopardstown road and form a new internal access route and vista up to St. Joseph's house. A row of 5 townhouses form the Western edge and provide a variety in scale and mixed tenure adding to the vibrancy of this new residential community.