This residential development introduces a strong geometry and urban pattern to the site, creating a sense of identity and incorporating a framework for the organisation of circulation, open space, and built form.

The undulating site is situated in the southeast corner of Diswellstown in Castleknock, which is bounded by the Royal Canal and commuter rail line to the north, the M50 to the east, and Porterstown to the south.

The scheme is designed around a central spine or boulevard. This main tree-lined axis is revealed on entering the site, from which the clear pattern of circulation and built form is evident. The variety and arrangement of building types is designed to create clearly identifiable areas of contrasting character and scale within the development. A variation in scale responds to orientation and contrasting contextual conditions, 2-3 storey dwellings are located throughout and 4-5 storey elements located at the entrance and addressing the landscaped open space. A hierarchy of usable quality open space has been provided to cater for active and passive uses and to encourage a sense of community both within the overall development and throughout the nearby local spaces.