O’Mahony Pike are pleased to announce the launch of CIÉs’ Heuston Masterplan. Our plan creates an exemplar of transport orientated and sustainable development across c.10ha. Placemaking and movement strategies are fundamental to the scheme, which provides for 210,000+ sqm of mixed-use development, including 1,000+ residential units, two new cross-Liffey bridges and 5000 cycle parking spaces, all within a high quality public realm. As well as safeguarding ongoing transport operations and planned enhancements, the masterplan opens up of c.1km of river frontage and improves connections to the interlinking green assets of the Phoenix Park and IMMA,  nearby developments at Clancy Quay and Heuston South Quarter, and incorporates a landmark tall building opportunity.  CIE will be seeking development partners to progress the project to the next stage in Spring 2022.


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