10 Pembroke Place is a development of apartments and commercial office space on an infill site between the 6 storey Herbert Park Hotel to the east and 2-3 storey housing on Herbert Park Road.

The site was originally an underdeveloped commercial building, in dis-repair, with surface parking and poor-quality street frontage. This project addresses the street and the Park edges in a more appropriate manner, at a transitional scale with animated activities on the ground level.

The multi-use of the site allows for an active environment promoting greater efficiency, safety and passive supervision of the public realm. It maximises the potential of the site while maintaining compliance with planning policy in terms of height and development capacity. This design also helps to maintain the urban language of the area, as a number of the surrounding streets provide similar large-scale destination buildings.

In order to improve visual amenity for the existing residents, the façade incorporates a ‘green screen’ between the office and the existing houses, which continues the backdrop of the Park as a vertical garden along the boundary with the existing houses. The glazed wall behind this ‘green screen’ is composed of a double skin and louvers which eliminate overlooking of the houses but allow light into the offices.