Conceived as a new, sustainable town for 25,000 people, centred on an existing railway line to the west of Dublin, award-winning Adamstown pioneered the use of the Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) in Ireland.

O’Mahony Pike Architects has been engaged in the development of the new town since our initial role as Urban Design & Masterplanning consultants for the design of the SDZ, and we have continued that engagement with numerous completed and current architectural schemes. The project represents a hugely successful model for collaboration between the Local Authority and the development companies, proving to be both flexible and robust over a long timeframe.

O’Mahony Pike Architects led the design team and advised both the developers and the Local Authority in the preparation of the SDZ: a detailed masterplan that would ensure an integrated, long-term vision that is inclusive, comprehensive, equitable, and future proofed. Following a 10-year review in 2014, the robust and detailed foundation of the masterplan has meant that through boom, recession and housing crisis, Adamstown has continued to be a desirable long-term location for family living.