This scheme is characterised by the creation of distinct areas, unified by a common architecture which though contemporary in expression is familiar in its predominant use of simple pitched roof forms and vertical openings.

This proposal involves the development of disused back lands to the east of the Mayfield Shopping Centre and Mayfield Industrial Estate. The scale of development is in keeping with the sites' surroundings, utilising a majority of one & two storey houses. More unusual monopitch building forms are used as gateways/pinchpoints to break down streets into smaller zones and lend further focus to the public open spaces. These spaces are particular to this site in that they are designed to benefit from the long views to the west which are so distinctive of this area, grounding the project with a sense of place.

At the heart of the development is a generous landscaped open space that follows the slope and allows the preservation of the views towards Mayfield. This area provides a focal point at the centre of the scheme and ensures that all houses have ready access to amenity space, and incorporates a crèche at the centre for the provision of childcare.