Clay Farm is a two-phase residential development set within a substantial greenfield site benefiting from existing mature stands of trees and hedgerows, with the site topography providing broad panoramic views.

The overall masterplan strategy seeks to deliver a considered residential scheme with a mix of housing and apartment types, a legible network of streets, and generous public open spaces. The layout aims to develop a series of character areas, each with a clear identity. These distinct neighbourhoods create village clusters, which allows for a flexible, phased approach to the development. Each neighbourhood responds to varying elements of topography and landscape, which in turn help to define street character, building form and massing.

The central "Eco Park" sits between Phase 1 and 2, and serves as a unique public amenity in the landscape. The park will be bridged by the new Clay Farm Distributor Road, which will be a major organising element within the scheme. The landscape strategy is fully integrated with the proposed masterplan and will create a series of ecological corridors across the lands.