Jacob’s Island Phase 2 completes the design of this strategically located neighbourhood in Cork’s South East suburbs, between the N40, the South Ring Road and Lough Mahon, with a mixed-use project including a hotel, offices and residential development.

The hotel and office buildings are arranged along the site's boundary with the N40, creating a strong urban edge onto this important thoroughfare, while also sheltering the balance of the site from the noise generated by passing traffic.  The hotel is located adjacent to the N40 bridge, with its 10 storey hotel tower demarcating the entrance to the island, and the stepped forms of the offices creating a varied and interesting streetscape, punctuated by open spaces.

A generous public park is located to the south of the office buildings, providing an important amenity for the adjacent residential blocks.   Building volumes are simple, and the proposed heights are carefully modulated to respond to existing conditions and to provide a varied context.