Located in a key development area adjacent to Mahon Point, this project consists of 413 residential units, with ancillary retail spaces and a crèche, contained in 6 blocks ranging in height from 6 to 25 storeys.

Providing a quality residential environment which takes advantage of the existing public amenities and the sites' excellent connectivity, greatly influenced the design of the project. Extensive walking and cycle linkages via the looped walkway which runs along the old Passage West railway line and along the Lough Mahon waterfront, link the site to Blackrock, Mahon and the marina as well as to Passage West. The development will also provide for upgrades to a section of the Mahon Link Road (R852) to the North of the N40 interchange, to incorporate a dedicated bus and cycle lane.

A range of residential amenities, including communal open spaces, private balconies, winter gardens and terraces combine create a high-quality living environment, while the necklace-like pattern of the design maximises the number of apartments benefiting from the panoramic view of the sea.

The tower responds to a planning policy identifying this location as suitable for a gateway building for Cork and, the design employs a simple rigorous architecture with nuances in the treatment of the façade - deep splayed reveals that create a dynamic play of shadow on the façade as one drives by. The deep splayed reveal and the shadows created become a motif for the project and appears on other buildings within the overall scheme in areas such as the roof lanterns and main entrances, resulting in an architectural language that is less ‘of the moment’ and more timeless in quality.