Jacob’s Island Phase 1 is an exemplary residential project, located in a key development area beside Lough Mahon, the N40 and Mahon Point. The project comprises a series of residential blocks, stepping in scale from 6 to 25 storeys, which completes the necklace of development along the waterfront, while also maximising the number of apartments with panoramic views of the sea.

The tower responds to a planning policy identifying this location as suitable for a gateway building for Cork and, the design employs a simple rigorous architecture with nuances in the treatment of the façade - deep splayed reveals that create a dynamic play of shadow on the façade as one drives by. The deep splayed reveal and the shadows created become a motif for the project and appears on other buildings within the overall scheme in areas such as the roof lanterns and main entrances.

A range of residential amenities, including communal open spaces, private balconies, winter gardens and terraces combine to create a high-quality living environment.  Pedestrian and cycle links to the Lough Mahon greenway are provided, and the proposal also includes upgrades to a section of the Mahon Link Road (R852) to the North of the N40 interchange, to incorporate a dedicated bus and cycle lane.