A sense of place and identity underpins the design strategy of this residential development, Marianella, which ensures that the overall design compliments, engages and enhances its existing surroundings.

It reinforces a sense of place by creating distinctive and individual buildings of quality. The centrepiece of the design is created around a new public park onto Orwell Road, which incorporates the existing landscape assets of mature trees and enhances the existing sylvan character of Rostrevor Park. Buildings are composed about new parks, to continue the woodland character of the area while also enclosing and defining areas of public realm. The creation of formal avenues which provide access through the layout will be lined and defined by new trees, while intensively landscaped courtyards and gardens are laid out along a sequence of routes and pathways through the new development.

 All public spaces are overlooked and in effect owned by the inhabitants. There is a clear definition between the public and semi-private spaces, with a defined yet visual break being proposed. The landscape design facilitates the use of the public space from the outset.