This proposal continues the development of the lands at Pelletstown, while addressing the demand for affordable family housing, and acknowledging the constraints of the Action Area Plan, particularly in respect of density.

It seeks to intensify the conventional suburban housing model and looks to successful and enduring historical precedents in red-brick Dublin. It is well located and benefits from significant Dublin amenities such as the Phoenix Park, Tolka Valley Park, the Royal Canal.

The new Crescent Park and canalside boulevard that have been delivered as part of the early phases of Pelletstown enhance the neighbourhood amenities, providing play areas and walking/cycling routes. In addition, there are existing sports fields to the south of the Canal.

The scheme is that of a dense and tightly formed residential quarter, influenced by the enduring success of traditional Dublin neighbourhoods such as Portobello and Blessington Street Basin. The traditional urban components such as street, lane and courtyard, are carved out of a solid urban block, reinforcing the solidity of the buildings and the containment of the spaces within. Pedestrian connections are made from within the block to spaces in the adjoining areas.