St. Teresa's Lands are characterised by former institutional uses such as St. Teresa's House and gate lodge (Protected structures) sat within expansion open parklands with a number of existing tree belts providing a unique sylvan setting. The site adjoins Rockfield Park to the south offering amenities and a network of pedestrian and cycle trials. The site is ideally located off Temple Hill in close proximity to Blackrock Town and easily accessible to both Seapoint and Blackrock Dart stations which are within 500M distance. There is an objective on the site to protect and preserve trees and woodland and the site is covered by the 2015 Blackrock Local Area Plan (LAP).

The vision for the project is to create a unique sense of place with a strong community identity characterised by the sylvan wooded nature of this mature site while integrating St. Teresa’s House as a prominant focal point set within formal gardens and providing a rich historical backdrop to the new development.

Building layouts are informed by strong axial relationships with views and vistas reinforced between St. Teresa’s House and Rockfield Park.

Variation in building height along with a mix of tenure from apartments to duplex units to the conversion of St. Teresa’s House all combine to provide a rich living environment close to a host of facilities and landscape amenities.
Buildings are ‘pavilion style blocks’ set within the landscape with an emphasis on retaining the character of the woodland setting. New greens and formal gardens are introduced to provide generous public open amenity spaces and connecting pathways and walking trails within the development. 

Connectivity for pedestrian and cycle pathways through the site linking Temple Road and Blackrock Village to Rockfield Park to the South allows for a wider network of cycle and pedestrian routes to be provided.

Four main residential character zones are woven together through landscape to provide an integrated environment while building orientation is informed by views and maximising good daylight to units and sunlight to the shared public open green spaces.
The public realm along Temple Road is enhanced by providing building set back and a green tree lined strip along this edge. Views through the development are provided to enhance openess and lightness.