Photography: The Irish Examiner


"With more than 100 names down for chances to buy again, and at long last, at one of Munster’s very best developments where the two former showhouses went on first view on Tuesday, set to sell within days, it really will be a case of all’s well not ending well for most hopefuls at Earls Well.

There’ll be a lot of disappointed would-be buyers and prices set for three more sales to follow, including a striking 4,000 sq ft barn-shaped house, ready for fit-out.

Sort of a barometer of boom-time aspirations, Earls Well in Cork’s Waterfall proposed 42 large detached 3,000-4,000 sq ft houses on equally accommodating sites, averaging one-third of an acre each.

Designed by O’Mahony Pike architects and superbly built in steel frames, they were a signature calling card of Fleming Construction, who got five built. Flemings prepared to launch them as the downturn took hold, in 2009, at prices of €1.05-€1.25 million."

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